Hong Kong Weather App Reviews

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Just great!

The application is great, and the alert feature is particularly useful in fast changing tropical system.


Bien plus précis que le weather channel... Very good stuff

Well Done!

This app is much more better than the built-in Yahoo! Weather!! Excellent!!

Great app

Very useful, nice UI, thank you

Great job!! 正!!!

I have used it for quite sometime now and recently updated to the newer version and wow the interface is soooi nice now!! So I write this review now. Great job and keep up the good work and thank you for not being one of those greedy programmer out there! Free apps Rules!!!

Future enhancement (or new direction?)

This app is great, just wondering if you can kindly use your iPhone SDK know-how to consider create two new programs? One for Chinese movie tracking (there are tons in English movie showtime tracking, none for Chinese movie showtime (b) secondly, would be nice if one tiny app can show Chinese daily news - can get from Google or Yahoo newsfeed, etc. Thanks.

James@HK from Toronto

Pretty handy. Thanks a lot.

Very useful push notifications

Pretty cool interface too.

Useful tool

Very handy tool


Its a very good application. Nice work, guys

great app

cool themes!!!!!!!


A very nice service. It would be great if every city had this app!

Need more

If the app come with local time show up much better.

Crash on launch repeatedly under iOS 8

This used to be a good app until iOS 8. Now it crashes on launch. I have to attempt to launch the app 5 or 6 times before it finally stops crashing.

Best weather app for HK hands down

I dont normally write reviews but this is the best weather app for HK...and I think the developer deserves some credit. Its very cleanly laid out, its accurate because it pulls from the HK Observatory data, has a great Notification Widget, a nice Apple Watch app, and the developers are very responsive to bugs and suggestions. I always recommend this one to my friends.

Great app!!

Detailed and clear info, loading speed is good! Good job!!

I’ve always loved this app.

Thanks for the fast update to support English in the widget and watch app! Its now perfect! Best weather app in HK by far. This is the only weather app Im aware of that uses HKO data and has Apple Watch support, including a handy complication.

Radar image time is off by 8-9 hrs

Please fix. Thanks.

Very useful program

Best program for enquiring hk weather. But theres one thing - while I understand API is announced by EPD, itd be best if ur program incorporates that as well, you know, given the recent dust storm..

Best app even

Beatiful interface. Its free but with no ads. Keep on! Its great!

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